H1B extension approved while i was abroad. what are next steps?


My current H1b expires on July 1st. I had to travel for business while my extension was applied. Unfortunately, i got my extension approvaal while i was abroad. And i didn’t get approval notice by the time i re-entered the US. So, CBP officer stamped july 1st in my passport. which means my I-94 expires on july 1st. In order to continue my employment beyond july 1st, what do i need to do?

do i have to go to a consulate before july 1st and get a new visa and re-enter by july 1st?
or Can i just cross the border anytime before july1st using current visa? If yes, any suggestions when to cross the border?

Would greatly appreciate your response. Thanks in advance!

If the start date for I-94 on your newly extended H1B I-797 is 2nd July then you dont need to do anything as that will override your current I-94. Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer.

Thank you for the response