H1B extension after change from L1B(more than 1 year break) to H1B

Iinitially came to USA with L1B VISA(Date-1). Then returned back to Inida and came back after 14 months(more than a year) with the same L1B VISA(Date-2). Later applied for H1B with new cap and got it, right now in H1B. Should my 6 year clock reset and calculated from my last entry i.e. Date-2 or still it will calculated from my first entry i.e Date-1 as I entered with same VISA even after more than a year break.

When you are outside USA for more than 12 months, your clock gets reset. No one cares what VISA you had before as you had more than 1 year gap. You get 6 years validity since Date-2.

Disagree with @immigrator. Was you H1 Change of status from L1 while you were still in USA? If yes - then clock reset does not apply.