H1B Extension - Acknowledgement / Receipt number time line


Hi Saurabh,

Please do let me know the TAT / Time line for the USCIS to update the H1B extension (normal Process) receipt number.

My employer ( Top IT Gaint - India) says I should receive one in 4 weeks from the time of filing and this is the fourth week and I do not hear yet while my collegue got it in 15 days.

Please let me know the exact time line as there are dependent factors on this ; my DL and state ID need to renewed as they expire this month end.
Thank you and look forward to your support.

Best Regards.


Hi h1bstat,

Regarding your question - its true that receipt number is generally available in 3-4 weeks, but again sometimes it simply takes time - just the way the USCIS functions.

As for your DL and State ID, assuming that your current H1b is expiring on Sept 30 - you’ll not be able to renew them as you won’t have your extension by then. You can only get the receipt number, but depending on which state you are in - the DMV may or may not entertain the receipt number and can ask for actual extension approval.

I’m in the same boat - extension applied, visa expiring Sept 30. Received receipt number, but pretty sure I won’t get extension in time to save my DL. And I’m in California - the DMV doesn’t accept receipt number, but wants the actual extension document in order to renew the DL.

Let me know if this helps.