H1b expiring on Sep30 nd travel is on Aug25. Will there be a pbm in POE?

Hi All,

This is my first entry to US. My H1B is getting expired on Sep 30th and my travel date to US is Aug 25th. Will i be having a problem in Port of entry??

My employer is ready to process H1B premium process extension. But since my travel is urgent and it cannot be avoided, we have planned to apply extension after I reach US.

Please guide me.

Loads of Thanks,


Your eligible to enter US till Sep 30th. You will not face any issues at Port of Entry. Be prepared to answer why ur comming during the closing time. But you will get I 94 till Sep 30th. You need to file your extention within 5 days. Then you are eligible to stay while your conversion or extension is in process.