H1B Expired - Should I again for a new H1-B or What is CAP Exempt

Dear Sir,

I have my H1B expired on Sept 30 2014. Prior to that I was in US for 2.5 months.

Now I am planning to go to the US. For this Should I apply a new H1B visa in the coming year April-2016?

and What is the CAP Exempt ? Can I apply now itself through CAP Exempt.

Please let me know the best way on how I can proceed with the further process.


you would fall under CAP exempt category. where you need not to apply for H1B under regular quota. approach your employer or others to apply for H1b under cap exempt. with that you can travel.

Thanks Jathin.

So you mean my current Employer can also file again ?
As I mentioned, I’m still in US, so do I need to leave now till my cap-exempt is filled or can stay (if yes, then how many days). If search for another employer then also how many days I can stay here in USA and search.

Thanks again.