H1B expired i140 approoved


My H1B was filed in April 2010 with employer A. I traveled to US in Nov 2010. I returned back to India in Nov 2011 and my H1b got expired.

My A company did out of cap H1B in Sep 2012 and I traveled back to US in Nov 2012. I quit and joined company B in Jan 2015. they did my GC processing in Eb2 and got i140 approved in Jun 2016.

Company B is sending me to another country no March 2017. I complete 6 year on Nov 2017

My Qs-Can I come back to US using my H1b again without going to the annual H1B Cap with Company B or any other Company? Can I use my i140 and get 3 years?

Yes, you can get H-1 extensions beyond the 6th year using your approved I-140.