H1b experience with Multiple Job Offers - Transfer before travelling

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to share my experience with multiple job offers, while working in India. Also Visa transfer before the travel.

I’ve got multiple job offers from US employers while i was working in India. One from the US entity (Company A) of the same indian company that i was working for and another is an US Company (Company B).
Company A filed it under general whereas Company B filed it under Premium Processing.
I came to know that Company B petition got picked in the Lottery and processing was started. Before I saw approval, Company A also has informed that my petition is picked in the lottery.

I had to chose between the both but having prior experience working there, i chose Company A and discussed my decision with Company B HR who agreed and cancelled my petition.

In 30-45 Days I got the approval and then went for Visa Stamping in September 1st week.

No surprising questions and I got the Visa Stamped.

While I’ve made all the necessary travel arrangements, My Client pushed the joining date to December and pushed it again to next year May, in November. I was looking for options as I was still skeptical about the new start date. I reached out to couple of companies and came to know that I can transfer my Visa as my original start date was already passed (Oct 1). Company C has filed for my Transfer under the CAP exemption using the petition from Company A under premium processing and got the approval.

Now the next question, Should I go for Visa again or can I use my existing Visa. It’s a critical project and the client was looking for earliest possible start so I’ve decided to travel on the existing Visa.

During Immigration, office has asked for my new I797 and added a comment on my Arrival stamping and Welcomed me.

Many people ask this question and the answer is you can use your valid visa from prior employer to enter the US with new employer’s I797, just like you did and had no issue with immigration at POE.

Thanks for sharing your experience, will be very valuable for others in similar situation.