H1B Experience @ Hyderabad consulate

I got H1B Visa …Here is my experience details …

I went to counter

VO : Come Forward

Me: GM , How are you doing ?

VO: Doing Good , How abt U ?

Me : Fine , Thank you

VO: Asked for passport

Me : I have submitted pinned docs with passport(i797,Visa appointment)

VO: Asked one question

Me: I was not ready , Did not listen to her , I said sorry

VO: Asked about client


VO: Salary?


VO: Location?


VO: Roles ?


VO: Your Visa is approved , you will get passport threw courier .

Me : Thank you ,Have a good day

That’s all , its all happend in 25 seconds of time

ask me if you have any questions

All the best :slight_smile:


I’m burning with curiosity!! Please tell me whether you went for interview with client letter or in-house project letter ?

Some consultancies are filing H1B with in-house project letter and H1b seeker is attending interview with “client letter” that is proivded by the consultancy/company.

eager to waiting for your reply soon.



Hi ,
I have client contract letter with me. I dont have any idea regarding in house projects . For me they Did not ask about Project details because of my company reputation and supported dicuments, I Guess.