H1b Employer change checklist, which type of doc. need from new employer?


I am kirti and i am on H1b.

I want to change my employer.

Is anyone can help me what is the process to change employer, How much time it will take and which type of doc. i need for that?

Can someone provide me the checklist for H1b Employer change.

Thanks for that.

The documents would be the same as what you had given for your first H1 with an addition of the approved I797 from your current employer. If filled under regular it can take from 2-6 months and if filled under premium processing you would get the result in 15 calendar days after filing.

If you already in US on H-1 status, then you will also need most recent payslips and W-2s.

Saurabh, to the above reply what if the previous employer retained the petetion that was filed by them can we still go ahead with the h1 transfer process in any other way ?