H1B employee furloughs because of coronavirus, Grace period?

Recently I have heard that some companies might incur into furloughs to relief some of the economic hit that the coronavirus pandemic has created. If this is the case for the company that I work, what options does H1B employees have? Of course if you get fired with the promise of being re hired after some time, how would that work? I know that after being fired you have a grace period of 60 days to leave the country.

No options. You cannot get furloughed on H1B, you need to be paid.
The only thing is they may file another H1B with less hours and work around it, but that can be risky as you already have LCA…
The 60 days grace period is to find another employer, read H1B Grace Period 60 Days

So this would force employers to choose between paying regular wages and terminating employment?

I’m in this situation now. My company wants to furlough me.

Well, it is unfortunate, but that is the truth of working on H1B…

They’ve chosen to keep me on… for now. So I’m grateful.