H1B efilling receipt?

Hi I am transferring jobs and my new company filed my H1 under premium processing on May 6. Its been a week and I still haven’t received an efilling number. Is this normal? Is there a way for me to track whats going on? I am very worried.

Usually, you get the email at least in a week or so. Maybe you can give it couple more days.
If the package is received by USCIS, the employer/ attorney can follow up with USCIS on the same.

You wont get any email to your inbox. A H1 is owned by your employer and He/She/The lawyer ONLY gets all communication around the petition, not YOU.
Check with your employer/lawyer.

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I did. My lawyer hasn’t received anything. My problem is this is a company provided lawyer and I am not even getting proper response from her.

Thank you. I will ask my lawyer to check on the document delivery date.

Thats a different issue, out of scope for this forum.