H1B Dropbox/Stamping after Transfer in USA, Proclamation

Context : I am on H1-B visa. I switched employer on February 2020 and my visa with previous employer expired on Feb 28,2020. Please note that my new employer sponsored my H1-B Visa transfer which is valid until 2023.

Situation : I am planning to visit India on April 11 2021

I have 2 questions.

  1. Am I eligible for drop box ? As by April 12 2021 I will be cross the eligibility of 12 months period for drop box and no idea if the new rule of drop box eligibility with 24 months will be available by then.
  2. If I have to go for in person visa interview, no appointments are available till November 2021. What do I do, Please shed some light and help with my confusion.
    I am unable to plan anything as it is the wedding I am planning for.

Thanks in advance

Yes I have a same problem…my visa is expiring on 3rd September 2021 and I am planning to visit India for my wedding in April 2021…And my passport has stamped previously till May 2020…I am eligible for dropbox with 12 months rule till May 2021…but if I go for dropbox, will they ask me that your visa is only for 4 months…can this be a problem at the time of dropbox…or shall I do the extension in premium and then travel to India…Please suggest

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