H1B DropBox Scheduled for Aug 9 - No NIE - Should I risk it?

Hi Community,

I have my sisters wedding coming up and planning on going to India. I have my dropbox appointment scheduled for Aug 9th at Hyderabad. My company is not eligible for NIE. Upon reading a lot of blogs and content my take on it is that there a high chance that my visa processing will be issue 221g or worst case a denial. Is my deduction correct? Should I even think about risking it at this point? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Anyone who went through the same please feel free to share your experience.


Did you check the below link to make sure the work you do is not to support any of the below industries?

Hi Kalpesh,

It does effect transportation industry. But my company said it will not issue NIE as we are into Technology Consulting. And wouldnā€™t support any NIE related queries or documentation if requested by consulate. Hence no NIE.

You may want to go through the below link if not already done.
You may create the NIE letter yourself explaining your job position and the example of work/projects you do for your company/client using some supporting documentation. People have done this successfully and been approved NIE.

I dropped an email. Testing my luck. Hopefully they respond soon before my travel.

Hi Indraneel,

I fall in the same category as yours, i.e I have my dropbox scheduled in Sep.
Could you please share the format of the NIE request that you have sent? Did you mention the expired Visa details in the Visa number field?

Appreciate any help on this.

Ok, please update this thread once you hear back.