H1B - Dropbox renewal - 221G - Administrative Processing

Hi, I am going through 221g on my H1B renewal and was wondering if you can provide me with some pointers. I was eligible for the Dropbox program but got called in for interview and fingerprints and my case has been in administrative processing since. Dec 4th 2017 - Submitted documents via Dropbox program in HydDec 7th - Got a call from consulate call center asking me to come in for fingerprints and interview. Earliest they could schedule me was Dec 19thDec 19th - Went in for interview and fingerprints. Got asked std questions like designation, job profile, salary, highest qualification etc. Then I was given a white form with a case number and was told that my VISA would require further administrative processing and it would take upto 2 weeks. I was not asked to submit any other documents. I’ve been checking my case online and the latest update was on the 29th and it still says administrative processing.

Just wanted to know how long this normally takes. I’d be grateful for any insights. Thanks!!

Hi GnR89,

Did you get your visa issued finally? How long it took for you to receive the passport with VISA issued ? I attended the interview and then visa officer mentioned that it is routine for drop box cases to go through 1 to 2 weeks of administrative processing. I wasn’t asked neither to submit any additional documents nor given a white slip.