H1B Dropbox OFC Appointment


I am trying to find the slots for dropbox appointment, but all the time I check its showing “No Appointments available” . does anyone able to find the slots in Delhi,Hyd,Mumbai or Chennai. please share info if anyone know when the slots are made available.

Any suggestions in finding slots or any specific timings to check would be much appreciate. Thanks in Advance.

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I have been trying for last two week as well but couldn’t find any slots anywhere. When I called CS they are not giving straight answers.

Even though I have NIE letter, I can’t do a thing.

Edit: One thing CS representative mentioned, I can answer one IW question wrong and schedule an appointment. Then raise to emergency. I am not sure if consulate would entertain such request.

You mean to say you have NIE approval, but trying to get visa stamp.
And also on CS suggestion, as we are not getting drop box appointment in current situation then is it possible to get NON-IW appointment.
also they are saying consulate taking application in very few but not sure are they really opening up slots in here or how they are processing.