H1B dropbox for spouse and H4 interview for mr


My spouse is eligible for dropbox and his I797 is approved for his extension and he needs to go for dropbox when he comes to India. We are getting married that time and I need to attend H4 interview.

Can i go for H4 stamping before his dropbox since his I797 was already approved in US?

Also we have booked appointment through our own and not through his employer. Do we need any document from employer stating I would be on H4?

Will you be attending H-4 interview after the marriage?

You can appear for stamping after the marriage w/ just his copy of 797 approval document. It is not mandatory that his visa should be stamped for the extended petition as well. No documents required from employer, except for 797 copy and employment verification letter.

Yes, I would be attending my interview after my marriage . Also, i wanted to know so suppose he gets his visa stamped in dropbox after my interview, will it affect my visa interview? Will his status be considered single since his last stamped visa was single? Please help me out, it is urgent

He can get his visa stamped after yours. That should be ok.

His visa stamping should not be impacted by the fact that the old visa stamp was when he was single, and now he is not.