H1B Dropbox Delhi

Hi, I had my dropbox date on 24th Jan 2023, case got created on 27th Jan. The status changed to approved on 13 Feb 2023. There is no change since then, I was wondering how long this would take.

Is anyone in the same boat as me?? My wife’s H4 visa got approved and passport is already sent, Just wondering what is going on.

You may call VFS or email consulate for an update.


Well, the phone numbers there does not work. I emailed them and got a response asking me to wait.

hey even i’m on same boat my status has changed to approved 2 weeks back since then i dont see any update or mails from embassy ,just want to check what did they say when you have mailed them apart from wait

Standard response asking me to wait.

have you got any mail earlier like this “Our records indicate that the Passport/documents are submitted to Embassy/Consulate for further processing”

I got same response.