H1B Drop Box

Hi All,

I need to get my H1B visa stamped this march when I go to India.

The date of expiry of my original visa was 1 September 2018.

My company had to revise my petition to change the legal entity which happened on 1-Jan-2018 so technically the Visa stamped on my passport is based on my original petition which was revised as above ( new expiry date as per the petition is in 2021)

My question is - Can i avail the drop box facility considering the fact that my visa stamped on my passport has expired in the last 12 months. My concern is that even though the visa was valid till September 2018 It was based on the old petition

Thanks in Advance

In general, the expiry date on the visa stamp is what matters and is not tied to the other things. If you satisfy all the requirements at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp , you are eligible to apply. If there are any clarifications, then they will request for in-person interview.