H1B drop box at Hyderabad

I have an H1B Interview-waiver appointment at Hyderabad VAC scheduled. But i wanted to know if its ok to drop off the documents at the Bangalore drop off location and pay the additional fee as mentioned in the website?
My DS-160 has Chennai as the Consulate location to which Bangalore is affiliated.
Do i still need to go to Hyderabad and drop off?
Please advice.

Excerpts from below article.

You may confirm by calling VFS helpdesk - https://redbus2us.com/us-visa-stamping-india-dropbox-appointment-must-if-eligible-sep-1/

Can I submit documents in a different location than on my Drop off letter ?

No, you can only submit your visa stamping documents at the specified dropbox location on your drop off documents confirmation letter. This would be selected, when you book the appointment for drop off of your documents.