H1B drop box appointment availability

I am trying to book an H1B Dropbox IW appointment in Chennai. I paid the application fee. Appointments are unavailable.
I travelled to Chennai in an emergency situation due to my father’s demise. I have a valid visa until mid-Aug '21.
What are my options now? Are the dropbox appointments opening up anytime soon? should I check if appointment slots open up?

Sorry to hear about your loss. You may travel with your current visa before it expires in mid August and dont need to go for stamping. If you are staying back, you will need valid visa to enter the US.

You will need to keep checking several times in a day. If you are attending during the US Travel Ban for India Travelers

  • Employer Letter indicating why you qualify for National Interest Exception(NIE)
  • or Copy of the email confirmation that says you qualify for NIE from the consulate.

Please go through the below link to make sure you have the correct list of