H1b denied within 10 days after rfe filed

Hi kumar,
I got rfe on speciality occupation and responded on 25th October. By 6th November uscis site says status as denied. By seeing the case history, there is no status for rfe received or rfe review etc. Is getting denied status is normal or there might be an issue is rfe documents receival and got denied?

Could you please clarify on this?

Well, it is hard to just make a conclusion based on the online status. But, it is possible that there could be denial after they received RFE. It all depends on the case and the RFE…Talk to your attorney to see, if they have got hard copy, then only you can be fully sure…

Hi kumar,
Thanks for the reply. As it is denied, I can do refile with another client/role or it is just closed?

You can try to file, discuss with an attorney.

Hi kumar, thanks for the early response.will check.

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