H1B Denied, MTR Applied - What are the chances of getting approved


I had applied for my H1B this year. Got an RFE mainly for a Client Letter. I couldn’t submit a Client Letter because the End Client was not willing to provide one. So went ahead and replied to the RFE by submitting email correspondences, badge, Intranet profile and a letter from the vendor mentioning that I work at the End Client site. That didn’t work and got a denial because there was no Client Letter. My lawyer suggested that an MTR would only make sense if I got a Client Letter. So spoke to the Client, told them how bad I need this letter, which made them give me a Letter. I applied for the MTR with this letter which reached the Phoeniz Office (Lockbox I guess) on Aug 28, the last date being Aug 30th. I have a couple of questions here:

  1. The processing time to get a reply from USCIS?

  2. Can the process be expedited?

  3. Chances of my MTR getting approved?

  4. Will I get a new Receipt Number?

Any information is much appreciated!

Thank You!

redbus2us team, sorry to open a question to the old thread.


I am in the same situation now.

  1. Did you file MTR and get new receipt number?

  2. How soon did you get the new receipt number if any?

  3. What was the status of Orginal H1B petition number when MTR was in progress?

  4. Was your MTR approved?