H1B Denial and other options

Hello Redbus community,

I wanted to request you advice on below

  • Currently, I am on F1 which expires on Feb 2020 (next year)
  • H1b got picked up for 2020, got an RFE, replied to RFE on 17 October, got Denial notice on 29th October. (my company does not share the reason for denial so far)

What can I do here as I only have 70-80 days of my F1 visa valid

  • Can I search for a new employer and ask them to file a new petition again? (is it possible)
  • Ask my company to respond to denial?

Can you please share your advice.

Thank you,

Yes, you can do that.
There is nothing to respond to Denial, they ask file a Motion to Re-open, if they believe the denial was done by mistake and your petition is good…The chances of success are 3 to 15%, it can take 8 to 10 months.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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