H1B-Delhi- OCt8th-221 G

H1B Delhi,

Job Position Letter has been asking to me. 221 G given, need to provide the job position letter from ur employer .
Which company ur working?
client or inhouse product?

What is the question here? This seems like a statement/fyi. For any 221G related questions & documents needed, you should work with your employer and their immigration lawyer.

Hi Kalpesh,

Just updating to forms, upcoming folks will be alert right?

Got it, so you are sharing your 221G for others, thanks!

Hi Kalpesh,
I have received 221(f) slip first time interview. Then when P.P.10052 was revoke and president Biden announced that travel banned extended but those who are under critical infrastructure they all allowed with NIE letter. Then I received NIE letter from my employer and go to visa interview. This time also VO give to me 221(g) slip and said to come when travel banned lifted. So in 8th Nov. travelling banned will be lifted. So how many chance to get visa if I applied visa interview after 8th Nov. Could you please help me?