H1B decision is not revealing and not accepting Premium processing

Hi Kumar,

My name is Vinil.

I applied my H1B Application in the year April 2019 and got selected in the lottery received a RFE on August 27th 2019.We submitted all the related RFE documents before RFE deadline.Within a week after submitting RFE we send an I-907 form to upgrade my application to premium processing.But,USCIS didn’t accept my request because they send an email saying that we already took a decision on I-129 Form so we are returning your money that is reason we received from USCIS. This thing happen like a month ago but till now we didn’t get any status other than that we received your response for RFE i:e shown in their portal.

Here my question to you is ,they are saying that they took a decision with in a week but,not revealing the decision and not even accepting my premium processing request.

Did you ever received this kind of case previously?
Can you please assist me or give the solution for me to take further step.