H1B COS and L2 Extension approved

H1B COS and L2 Extension were applied simultaneously. L2 visa was expiring on 06/14/2014 therefore extension was applied in June’2014 and H1B was also applied in April’2014.

ClassStatus Notice DateReceipt dateValid FromValid ToH1B COSApproved Sep 4, 2014 May 1, 201410/1/201409/05/2017L2ApprovedSep 29, 2014June 13, 201409/29/201406/14/2016I am working with my employer on H1B since 1st Oct 2014.

After 1st Oct 2014, What is my status (H1B or L2)?


You are on H-1.

Although L-2 was approved later, your H-1 COS had a future approval date (Oct 1). So your remained on L-2 extension from 9/29 to 9/30 and then moved to H-1.

Does that make sense?

Thanks Saurabh!

Yes, this makes sense. I was very much confused between the notice dates.