H1b cooling period and H4 or B2 entry

Hello !

I’m out of US from 2016 May and was on H1b for almost 5.5 years before that.

I got married and my wife is on H1b, so I got H4 visa(stamp).

If I go into the US with H4 in Feb 2017, and wait till July 2017 - will this one year considered for H1b 6yr cooling - so that I get a new 3 year term ?

ie., 8 months outside US and 4 months in H4 = will it reset my H1b 6yrs clock ?

Or If I travel in B2 for those 4 months = will that reset my H1b ?

Generally, you will have to be outside USA for a year and apply again through lottery to have your clock reset. To have it reset you should have your 6 years completed in the first place and can only file a new petition after one year outside has been completed.