H1B consulate as Hyderabad can i attend in chennai

Hi all,

Have H1b approved petition with Hyderabad as Consulate. But i work in Chennai now … i have booked my slot in chennai… will there be any problem. Any response will be highly appreciated

Hi Vishal,
please help me by updating if you went to chennai or hyderabad. i am in same situation and very worried…

Thanks in advance…

You can go to any consulate in India and are not limited to just one.

Thanks Saurabh for the reply.

i believe i do not need to fill new DS160 for the other location. i just need to re-schedule the appointment. please confirm if i am correct.

I haven’t used the system in a while. If it allows you to reschedule, then go ahead and do that; else you will have to call ustraveldocs are request them to change it.