H1b Consular Processing

I have H1b VISA from employer A valid till 20 Aug 2016. Employer B applied for H1b through consular processing and it got approved. As its consular processing I94 did not get extended. My I94 expires on 20 Aug 2016. Employer B says go to islands nearly for automatic revalidation and at Port of Entry show new Employer petition. This way I94 will get extended.

Is this possible. Has anyone done this.

As long current visa stamp has not expired, you can leave US and return on B’s petition and A’s visa stamp and get I-94 matching B’s validity period.

Thanks a lot for the answer. Employer B told me, that I need to show new petition to officer at Port of Entry so that he gives me I94 matching to new petition. Even if officer does not ask for petition, I should show him the petition so that I94 is as per petition from Employer B. Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct

Yes, that is correct. If you show just the visa stamp through A, he would consider A’s petition. So you have to let him know about B’s petition so that you get their I-94.