H1B Consular 2014 was approved after the L1B extension approved.

Here is the scenario:

Mine L1B extension was approved 21st Augist 2013 from Company A. Company A also applied for H1B In CP which also got approved on september 3rd.


1.will H1B get a precedence over L1B and I shall be automatically on H1b as last action rule. if its true can I chnage my job or some other employer can do mine H1B transfer

2.If #1 is not correct then I shall hold both L1B abd H1B(Subject to stamping overseas) and continue work on L1B. If I want to join some other company, is it possible for them to trasfer H1B or I need to go India stamp H1B and come back and work for few days before I switch over

3.when I go for H1B stamping in India, how many years i shall get on H1 fresh 6 years or it will get adjusted with L1

4.when I go for stamping and any of them is rejected can I go for teh other one stamping immidiately

Please help me to get the answers for these