H1B Compliance Review / site visit

Looking for assistance if anyone had gone thru site visit or compliance review.

Timeline -
Dec 2021 - H1B extension (while being in USA)
Mar 2022 - H1B amendment for role change
May 2022 - Moved India on India pay roll
Nov 2022 - Stamping done in India
Dec 2022 - Last week dec USCIS site visit

Received an email from USCIS on intention to connect and very next day agent conducted site visit. Fortunately my on-site manager was there to meet and address questions. Day later I had a teams call with agent for an hour and answered close to 40+ questions. Later shared US and India pay slips. Received confirmation from agent that USCIS received all required documents.

I was planning travel back to USA between March and May same client and location.

Now wondering how I may get to know the outcome of compliance review. Employer mentioned there is no way we can chase on compliance review with agent or USCIS and continue with daily routine.

Appreciate any inputs or if someone already had gone thru similar process.