H1B Compensation Clause - Currently in US


I am currently working for a top 5 Indian multinational company.
My employer has sent me US for a three month project assignment after that I have to resume my work from India and my rest of the H1B duration will get wasted.

I am willing to change my JOB and transfer my H1B visa to another employer but my compensation letter says that if I change my Job within 3 months I will have to pay back the travel cost and settlement allowance which will come around $2500.

My problem is if I change my Job within first two months my all savings will go to repay this amount.

Also I am stressed they may put trouble giving me reliving letter, I have already worked in US from April end till October beginning , this is second time when I am working here.

Usually such contracts are not valid in US, but India may be a different story.

Check with a labor attorney in your state (several of them provide half-hour free consultation) or post it on avvo where lots of lawyers respond to question online.