H1B Check reality


I received a job offer in a US company but i dont know if it is real or fake i continued with them and we reach the H1B Visa level they asked me to pay 850 dollar to a person name in the US immigration to help me processing my paper and H1B Visa .
i need help if this is true ? how can i know ? and paying for visa is the employer responsibility or the employee .

  1. No US company should ask for money for H1B petition. Legally the employing company must get your H1B approved and send you the flight tickets to come to US. No money from the candidate should be paid.
  2. Post the details of such company with name and contact info here. We will check if its a genuine company or not.


Hello sir

This is the mail by company Harper Construction company

Thank you for your response. We have received your signed copy of your Appointment acknowledgement letter, you are welcome to the TEAM.
In the Company, we are known for excellence in service delivery. This is made possible by our believe in DEDICATION and DILIGENCE, principle that flare our TEAM SPIRIT.

Please find enclosed your Letter of Invitation. The Employee is expected to engage in training and competency development as a new in-take in the Company. The format of the training will include, Face to face training and a short term on the job training. The American Government have a policy that allows multinational organizations employ international workers on quota basis. From a total ratio of manpower at 100%, we are to employ 60% indigenous and 40% expatriate, for this reason a significant number of our workforce are indigenous while the rest are expatriates from foreign countries,

We will provide your information to them here in the United States before the document is imputed into The National Employment Database System, we will submit verifiable evidence of expatriate quota approval to the United States Immigration Service, along with the E-copy of the signed Letter of Appointment and your Invitation Letter.
You will initiate the process of securing A Valid United States Visa Number, National Health Insurance ID and Social Security Number (Traveling Documents) with the United States Immigration Service. At the end of the process, after meeting all requirements, a travel document (VISA) will be generated with which the company will use in purchasing your flight ticket.
Our Tour and Travels Division will make arrangement for the booking of your flight ticket. The whole process spans for 3-4 working days after which you will be set to enter the United States.
You are required to forward a copy of your Employment Letter and your invitation Letter to the United States Immigration Service via Email for the processing of your traveling document as soon as you receive this mail.

Below are the details of Immigration Office department:

Contact Person: Mr Dane R. Sanders
E-Mail: global.visagov@consultant.com

Kindly contact the US Immigration Services Department via email (global.visagov@consultant.com) and let them know that you’ve been offered a job in USA. Kindly explain to them that they should assist you in the processing of your traveling document. At the end of the process, if you meet all requirements a travel document (VISA) will be generated with Visa Number which the Company will use in purchasing your flight ticket.

We shall start making arrangements for the booking of your flight ticket once your visa document is ready and please provide us with the nearest airport name close to your location as we anticipate your arrival.

Update us with the process between you and the United States Immigration Service, so that we can also follow along in order for us to be certain of the date your documents will be ready, we shall start making arrangement for the booking of your flight ticket once your documents are ready and please don’t forget to Provide us with the nearest airport name closer to your location.

Congratulations on your success.

Best Regards

From: Ahmad Ashraf <ahmadhassanin14@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2019 2:23 PM
To: Harper Construction Company

Dear Mr Scott,

Please find the attached signed Appointment and Confirmation letter .

So we can proceed to the next step .

Best Regards .

Ahmad Ashraf Ahmad Hassanin

QC Engineer VINCI Grand projects

Mail : ahmadhassanin14@gmail.com

Phone : 002 -01010082846

‫في الثلاثاء، 9 أبريل 2019 في 4:01 م تمت كتابة ما يلي بواسطة ‪Harper Construction Company‬‏ <‪Career.harperconstruction@outlook.com‬‏>:‬


In response to your submitted Online interview to our office, we have updated your full bio-data and
attached to this mail is your Appointment and Confirmation Letter. At the same time, your online Interview answers
and your Bio-data information has been forwarded to our recruitment department for proper
scrutinizing regarding the applied vacancy and qualified applicants will be short listed in the next 24-48 hrs, hence
go through the enclosed attachment of Appointment letter and apply signatures/date and name where designated
only if you agree with the entire terms and conditions contained therein.

kindly return signed copy of your Appointment and Confirmation Letter in order to assist us
in making advance preparation regarding your Traveling Document.
As soon as we receive a copy of the signed contract letter we shall proceed
with the payment for your flight ticket and provide you with the Flight Itinerary.

We wait to receive Sign Appointment Letter to proceed further.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards

Human Resources Director
Mr. Scott M. Jones

Address: 1600 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90047, USA.
Harper Construction Company.
Tell: +1 (805) 232-3695

And also This is the mail supposed to be by US immigration to help me get H1B Visa

Attention: Ahmad Ashraf,

GLOBAL VISAS CONSULTANT want to use this opportunity to remind you that we have been waiting for the filled H-1B visa form, International passport, passport photograph and also the payment receipt, so we can start the processing on your U.S. H-1B Visa document.

NOTE: Your Company contacted us asking for your documents, so you need to make the payment as soon as possible.

Ahmad use these guide below to make the processing fee.

Receiver Name: Brian Robinson
Address of Receiver: Clayton, New Jersey, 08312 United States of America
Total Payment: $850.00 (United States Dollar)

We are waiting for your update regarding the required document.

Thanks for your patronage.
Mr. Dane R. Sanders
Procurement Manager
Global Visas Consultant.


Thanks for your help

Best regards.


As @ImmiGeek mentioned, you should not pay for the H1B. You can readH1B Fee - Who Pay for what to get an idea of the fee and who pays for which ones .

Looking at the above letter, it looks like a spam email, trying to trick you and get cash.

Also, on a side note, H1B season is over for this fiscal year. You can only file for H1B next year in April 2020.


Dear friends,
I’ve received the same mail from Mortenson Inc., human resources director. He directed to Global Visas company, and kindly demanded to pay 930 USD to the related point of contact (Mr. Dane R. Sanders) . And I made this payment :frowning: I feel terribly sorry at that moment. And this visa guy again demanded from me more 3k USD as a deposit for Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) What should I do to take my money back from Global Visas ?
Thanks in advance,
Below is the last e-mail from visa consultant:
Attention: Sinem Karabag,

We are sorry for getting back to you a little bit behind schedule. One of our hallmarks is that we always keep to our schedule but we have been trying to sort out some issues with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) . The first issue is about the insurance policy of the United State Government, The Social Security Scheme has been reviewed and a new one has been put in place as a result of the current financial global crisis. This policy mandates all foreign Employees coming to work in the United State to have a comprehensive Medical and Travel Insurance. This Insurance document is required by the United State Government before you can live and work in the United State. Your United State of American Visa has already been issued out but it has not been released to us due to this new policy of the American Government for all prospective foreign employee. This is as a result of the current global financial crisis which mandates all USA bound foreign employee to compulsorily register for US National Insurance Scheme.

This policy states that every USA bound foreign employee must register for the US National Insurance Scheme and must deposit the exact amount of $3,000 to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) headquarters here in the United State to back up the Travel and Health Insurance documents. This new policy was enacted due to the current global economic meltdown and the essence is to ensure that every US-bound foreign employee is able to have access to Comprehensive Medical and Travel Insurance on their own independent of their employers when they are in the USA. Also, it is to ensure that no foreign employee constitutes a public economic liability to the government. It was also enacted to tackle the high rate of foreign employees that have intentions of not returning back to their country after the expiration of their visa and also the problem of foreigners that get stranded in the USA due to lack of funds.

This deposit is needed to secure the release of your visa. Note, this $3,000 deposit is not to cover any expenses, it is just to ensure that prospective foreign United State-bound employees are up to the standard of their purpose and will be able to perform their duties very well and also to improve the prospect of the company they are coming to work for. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) has already issued your Visa, but its release has been pended until they are able to confirm that you are financially capable of living in the USA.

Please endeavor to get across the receipt to us so that we can forward it to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) in order for your visa to be released to us and once we are in its possession, we will mail it via Courier Services (Express delivery) to your postal Address together with the Insurance documents.

Deposit Instruction:
You are to send the deposit to the Bank information below. All we need from you is the scan copy of the deposit receipt, we are going to present this receipt to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for their confirmation and as a proof that you have already deposited the fund in the below information given to you so that your visa will be released to us immediately. Once your visa has been released, you are therefore required to send your bank information so we can send your funds back, the money is all yours, after the confirmation of your Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) has been completed.

As soon as we receive scanned copy of the deposit receipt, we shall forward it to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) so that they can carry out the verification exercise and once that has been completed successfully, we shall notify you immediately, also do send your Bank Account information in other for us to send your funds back to you. Please make sure you do this as soon as possible and get back to us with the bank receipt. We look forward to receiving this from you within the shortest possible time.

Sinem use these guidelines below to make the deposit:


Account Name: James Coker
Account Number: 7926179446
Routing Number: 071923909
Swift Code: FTBCUS3C
Bank Name: Fifth Third Bank
Bank Address: 5501 N Ash land 60640, Chicago IL

Once the verification is completed, we shall get back to you. In doing so. Kindly provide us with your Mobile line or any line that we can easily reach you so that we can call you immediately.

We regret any inconveniences caused by this. Thanking you for your anticipated understanding.

Thanks for your patronage.
Mr. Dane R. Sanders
Procurement Manager
Global Visas Consultant.