H1B Change of Status -Travel to India

Hi All,
My L1B to H1B changes of Status is Approved. H1b Visa starts from 1st October 2019.

  1. The validity is from 1st October, 2019, so I’ll be in L1b status till 30th September 2019 and then next day H1B status starts? Do I need to Inform any one, Do I need to Re verify I9?
  2. My wife is working on L2 EAD, Can she work till 30th September 2019?
  3. Can I travel before 1st October 2019 to India?
    3.a If i travel to India before 1st October 2019, and Plan to comeback in in September Do i need to submit I94 which i got along ith my H1B approval?
    3.b when i come back to USA before 1st October 2019, i’ll be in H1B visa or L1b visa?
  4. If I travel to Home country, Do I need to get my Visa stamped? Is the Drop box Option available for me?
  5. What documents do I need to carry for Drop box/Stamping?
  6. Can I download the New I-94 which i got along with the H1B approval?
  7. Do my dependents get a separate I-94?
  8. Do my dependents need to get the H1B Via Stamped? Using Drop Box? What document are needed to be submitted?
  1. Your H1B employer would take care of the I-9 update as they know you will be starting.
  2. Yes, she can.
  3. Yes, you can. The better thing to do is get H1B stamping, when you travel and re-enter US on H1B.
    When you enter, you should hand over your H1B approval notice to the CBP officer at Port of entyr, they will tag your entry as H1B and give you I-94 accordingly. You can only enter 10 days before October 1st on h1B.
  4. You would not qualify for dropbox as it is different visa type.
  5. Read H1B Visa Stamping Experiences, we have a lot of h1B experiences
  6. You can carry that.
  7. Yes,
  8. Yes, everyone needs h1B stamping. Check the stamping experiences