H1B Change of Employer with only one payslip


I joined Consulting Company A on H1B on 16th October. 16th Oct to 16th Nov I was on bench and Company A did not generated my payslip. I do have one payslip for duration from 16th Nov to 15th Dec generated monthly. Now, I got a offer from Company B and they want to file my H1B Transfer . In this process they asked for last two payslips. Now what should I do ?? Is it ok for me to tell Company B that I only have one payslip ??

You should be truthful to new employer and attorney.

Yes, I’ll be truthful. What are odds of getting H1B transfer approved with this information ??

H-1 transfer would include 2 things - cap-exempt petition approval and I-94 approval. If USCIS is not satisfied with your current status, they would approve H-1 w/ consular processing. In this case, you will have to leave US and re-enter on newly approved petition to work for new employer. If they approve 797 w/ I-94 attached, then you can work for new employer w/o leaving US.

As you have just entered US and were on bench for just 1 month, I think they may still approve 797 w/ I-94.

I assume you will get a payslip on Jan 15th. So can you buy sometime and submit that one as the 2nd payslip?

The next salary slip gets generated on 27th Jan. Yes, My employer generates monthly payslip NOT biweekly.

Another option is that you file it w/ your current payslips and if USCIS issues RFE for additional payslips you can submit the ones you will have b/w now and RFE date. Your new attorney may also suggest additional options.