H1b chances woth lottery this year

Hi Saurabh,
I have a master degree in Information Systems Management and
I am currently on my OPT working for a private company as web developer. my company is filing h1b. And i live in small area and education levels are quite low. so i was wondering what are my chances to get H1 approved. also USCIS notify there is H1B random selection for this year. so i want to know what the difference if there is or not random selection

USCIS hasn’t mentioned anything about random selection. It all depends upon how many petitions are received in the first 5 days. If more petitions are received than the actual cap, then USCIS will randomly select just enough petitions to make it reach the cap.

For your chanes of approval, it is better for an attorney to look at the profile and job requirements and then guide you on that. Did you get your degrees/marksheets evaluated by an education equivalecny agency?

there is an attorney filing my petition. and she asked the company to adjust my job description to improve my case.
And i got my master from accredited university in US. should i evaluate my degree ???


If you have done Masters in US, then no education equivalency is required.


could you provide the your chat ID pls.