H1B Case was Received -Premium Processing


As per my queries before- As I need to keep my L visa and to save the H1B for later, I am outside USA before Oct 1st , and before I leave USA, I changed my Visa to PP(with the help of EmployerB(Consultant) -whom I received the lottery). But my current Employer A Attorney advising me to stay outside USA till my approval of H1B(even after I explained about the process that on Oct 1st/the visa is still not approved, I can come back and continue on L1). I am really tensed in this situation.

Even the Employer B changed it to PP, (and I checked with the courier number and when I tracked the amount 1225 dollars -received on 30th Sep in Vermont Office),but still my case is showing as Case was received. I don’t really understand what is happening and what to do next, I have already planned to come back to USA on 16th day-from which the PP is started(30th -amount received at Vermont Office). I guess they might have started the PP on that day. Can anyone help.? It will be great if Saurabh can recollect from your experiences that anyone faced this kind of situation.


You can return on L-1 irrespective of what is happening to your H-1 petitions.

If upgraded to PP, it should be adjudicated within 15 calendar days. If they started on Sep 30th, then it should be done by Oct 15. If not, employer should follow-up w/ USCIS.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I am planning to come back…so in the future H1B got approved also, I don’t have to worry about that, I can still be on L1B :slight_smile:
Really appreciate your response Saurabh


Today I got a status as Name was updated and within an hour, the case got approved.

I came from India on Oct 16th and got approved on 19th. That still means I am on L visa? Please let me know.
How I can check on which Visa I am on? L or H1

Yes, you should still be on L-1. Check your H-1 approval notice to see if it has an attached I-94 or not. If USCIS followed the rules, then it should have been approved w/ consular processing and not COS.