H1B - Case was received... for more than a year now!

Hi community,
My H1B status has been “case was received” since May 2018 and I was wondering if I will ever have a chance to get an approval or if I should just let it go… it is very upsetting!
Let me know if anyone is in the same situation,
Thank you!

Well, you should already raise a Service Request by working with your employer. One year is long…Talk to your attorney and see what can be done. You can ask them to upgrade to premium and get it processed. Online status may not be fully accurate, so check with your attorney or employer.

Thanks for your answer Kumar. I already check with my employer who checked with the attorney and I got this answer: “When speaking to the lawyer she mentioned that this is more common these days, as the process is getting harder and harder. While she says you can never count it out 100% the likeliness of it happening are very small.” So I don’t really know what to think anymore.
I filed an “out of normal processing” case, just to see. I should get an answer by Nov 4th.

Well, you should ask them to upgrade to premium. You cannot expect to be dangling for over a year in this state…