H1B case is in same status since April.

My case for H1B was picked in lottery and got the receipt. However there has been no status change.

Is there an ideal time by when the results for all pending H1B applications would be known?

As all H1Bs start on October 1,2015 - I expected that by Aug 2015 there is a high chance of knowing the result. Is that right?

Is there a chance that it could go till September to know this?


Even Mine Status is same since 12 April that case is received.
I saw most of the friends got the status as Approved and decision was emailed as well.
But I have a problem that I changed my employer now. SO Do I need to keep some hope !!!
I am still in doubt whether everything goes smooth with my case or not?
Hope for Pessimist.All the best to US.

Mine was filed on 1st April 2015 and it is in Initial Review at the moment. Still have not heard from them. And yes, will all pending applications’ status be known by the end of August 2015 atleast?


you have only one option to go for premium processing if you need to know the result urgently.

I filed on 31st July and got the approval notice today (in 13 calander days!)

Good luck.

Thank you. We tried premium but the company who sponsors me has not agreed to do it. So that option is out !

Just wanted to understand the timelines better. Should USCIS finish it all before end of Sep,2015 ?

Hi, when are you going for stamping?

My status has now changed to RFE response review. Had RFE and was submitted by employer recently. Any updates on your case?


Don’t get panic!! it will get approved. As they do random verification so we couldn’t guess how much time will they take to approve the case.

Even mine case approved in August since may 7. So keep patience. Atleast you are lucky that Case got picked.

Yeah!! there is a high probability to get it approved before october. but still we are uncertain abĂłut it.

All the best.

Congrats H1Trans first of all and have you got your stamping done? Please share your experience.
And yeah just fingers crossed on mine. Hoping for the best.