h1b case approved online ... query reg job

My case was approved online yet to receive the approved petition.

How long can in stay without a job since my the consultancy asking to relocate . I wantec to get a job in the place where i stay.

Please help

You didn’t provide additional information, but here is the response:

  • If you are already inside US and your H-1 was approved w/ COS, then you need to start working and getting paid from your COS approval date

  • If you are outside US or inside US but COS was not approved, then you are not required to work yet

I applied for H1B with CoS (H4 to H1). but the case status is Approved - as in online.

Is the approval H1 with Cos?

You need to look at actual approval notice to know if it was approved w/ COS or not. If it has I-94 attached at bottom, then your COS was approved and you need to start working from the mentioned date.

what happens if my H1b is approved with Cos and w/o CoS?

Im new to this … can you please let me know

One can work inside US only when their status is H-1. When you entered US, you were issued an I-94 (for H-4 or F-1 or L-1 or L-2) and that set your status as that visa category.

If USCIS approves your H-1 w/ COS, then they issue an I-94 (same number as old one) for H-1 visa category. This will set your status as H-1 and you are supposed to work on H-1.

If USCIS doesn’t approve COS, or the same is not filed, your status remains same as before and you cannot work. A separate COS needs to be filed to get the H-1 I-94, or you need to enter on stamped H-1 visa (which will cause H-1 I-94 to be issued at PoE).

Does that make sense?