H1B cap exempt steps and processes

Dear Saurabh/Experts,

I am under L1 inside US. I am planning to apply my H1B through some consultancy company A without COS ( Consular Processing)

1.Do we have any issue in getting approval since we are not requesting COS?

  1. Assume that my H1B got approved without COS, what are the steps need to do to go to other company B by using the approved petition of A by staying inside US? Will there be any issues? Is it mandatory that before joining B, I need to go for stamping as I am inside US?

  2. Is there any pros/cons if we apply COS while seeing new H1 and then revoking COS by going out of US between Sep 20-October 5 and entering under L1, the trying some new job for company B???

Thanks for your reply

  1. No issues

  2. B will have to file a cap-exempt petition for you along w/ COS. Once approved, you can start working for B. Stamping is a not a pre-req for this

  3. There are no issues w/ this

Thanks Saurabh for your quick reply!