H1B - Cap Exempt Petition Remainder Option - am I eligible?

Hello Experts,

I was in USA from May 2008 until March 2014, I had vacations in between but overall I have spent more than 5 years in USA.
I was in L1 status until 2011, and from April 2011 onwards on H1B (New Petition). So I spent 2.5 years on L1 and 3 years on H1B in US.
I did not file for Labor and returned to India on March 2014.
My Petition expired on March 2014.

Can you please let me know that if one has stayed 3 years on L1 Visa and rest of 3 years on H1B in US, He has only used 3 years on H1-B, I should be eligible for rest of the 3 years recapture on a cap exempt H1B remainder option. I think the rule says you cannot stay more than 6 years on multiple VISA, But an H1B can be used for 6 years. So I believe I should get 3 more years, after completing one year stay in India.

Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct?