H1b Cap Exempt from new compancy

I have received Approval notice I797B, Approved from 07-Jan-2020 to 31-Mar-2020. With notice date 07/Jan/2020. I didnt go for stamping then due to covid, but now my company is not ready to process my visa, What should i do in this scenario ?

Please advise. Thanks in advance

If your company is not ready to sponsor your H1B, you can’t do anything about it.:slight_smile:

Try to find a new employer that can sponsor your H1B.

Do I need to apply again in lottery?

The transfer of your H1B to a new employer may or may not be approved as the H1B you had was never activated by going to the US and working in the H1B job. USCIS may argue that you were never counted in the Cap-subject numbers and so your cap-exempt transfer can’t be approved.

There are no well defined rules around this situation and so your case falls under a gray area. It depends on the USCIS office adjudicating your case.

Thanks for clarification, It makes sense to wait now…