H1B Cap Exempt: Convert from L1B to H1B, completed 6 years in US and one year out of US

Hi, I went to US in Dec-2009 on L1B and after completing five years on L1B, got transferred to H1B in 2014. I got H1B petition approved just for one year as I had already completed my 5 years on L1B. Therefore in early 2016, I came back to India after completing my 6 years ( 5 Years on L1B + 1 Year on H1B).

Now I have completed more than a year in India and want to go back to US.

  1. Can I still avail my remaining 5 years on H1B visa?

  2. Will that be exempt from H1B Cap?

  3. If I can avail my remaining 5 years on H1B, Is there any time limit within which I need to claim for that?