H1b CAP Exempt - application withdrawn

Hi All,

I have got H1b Approved in 2013 but my visa rejected in consulate. Consular officer said it is not a good company to go and work for and asked me to withdraw the application. Looks like the employer had serious issues in the past. i did withdraw my application.

i have applied in 2014 again as Cap Exempt and got H1b Approved from a different company. Consular officer this time is predeterminted and asked me to withdraw again as the in house project i am goign on does not exist. i did withdraw again as i had no option and did not want to get into argument. I see many ppl got succeessful stamping from the same employer with the same inhouse project. It has happend in Decenber 2014.

now my questions are

  1. Can i apply again for my H1B as CAP Excepmt

  2. Can i use my 2013 Revoked h1b reference again for new CAP Exempt application? i believe, this is year withdrawn Petetion/ applciation takes more time to get the status changed.

  3. Do i need to mention about the 2014 rejection to my new employer? i want to be honest but somehow they finding it scared to know two withdrawls. i know i have done no Fraud and i had L1 stamped from my previous company, though i have not travelled to US.

Please suggest me. I am looking for the H1b sponsors with genuine client requirement and willing to provide client letter. though i have found some of the Sponsors, but do not want to scare them with my case.



Hi swapna, i am also on same situation, bec of employer the VO forced me to withdraw, so i withdrawn… Now i want to apply as cap exempt, is it possible after revocation of my previous h1b by uscis??? Please let me know…