H1b cap 2021 filing multiple petitions - Duplicate ? Denial?

Please suggest

I have received offer from 2 different employers (A and B). No relation between 2 employers and each has unique client and location. I have got selected in lottery for both employers. Both are filing H1B petitions in 2 weeks. My questions are

  1. is it legal to file more than one h1b petitions (Employer A and B) after lottery selections

  2. will more than one h1b petitions lead USCIS to deny all h1b petitions applied(Employer A and B)

  3. If it is legal to file more than one h1b petitions and visa got approved for employer A then what will happen to other h1b petition of employer B. ( should I ask to withdraw other petition)

Thank you.

  1. Yes, if they are bonafide offers like Google and Microsoft.
  2. Not necessarily, unless they are related
  3. No, they can be in parallel, if they are real and no fraud is involved. Many try to game the system and get in trouble, if your offers are real, you are fine.

Thank you for your response

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