H1B CAP 2017 Query reg client letter


My petition was filed for H1B CAP 2017 and got selected in lottery. It was sent to USCIS without client letter, all other documents from my side like education, experience, pay slips etc were submitted. Only client letter could not be sent. Now my manager is saying it is difficult to get client letter. My company’s immigration team is saying we need to submit client letter from same client & project for which LCA and petition was filed and we cannot change client and project, even if other clients are ready to give client letter. Now I am in a fix, which is not in my control. If it goes to RFE, which I think most probably, and even then client letter is not available, will it be denied? Suppose it gets approved without client letter (immigration team is saying they sent some global agreement from back-end), at VO interview, would it lead to 221 g?

Please give some guidance. Thanks

There is no definitive answer to this as it would depend upon the adjudicating officer. Both positive and negative outcomes are possible.

Hi Saurabh,
Thanks a lot. Other projects are ready to give client letter. Is it possible to change client at this stage through LCA/H1b petition amendment, while the adjudicating process is in progress? If not, at what stage can it be done?
Please let me know.

Amendment can be filed only after the petition has been approved. While the petition is pending, it may not be possible to change LCA.