H1b Bad experience with blue planet software solutions


I have applied H1b Visa with blue planet software solutions and my h1b case is rejected at last stage on nov 6 2017 (after lottery approved previously).

I do not know the denial reason because because they have not send me denial notice. And now they are not bothered talking about my refund process.

They always call me from Us proxy number so I do not have their number to call back. I tried called their Hyderabad number but nobody picked. I am sending them email but they are ignoring it. I get calls from kumar, sriram and venket.

If anybody will plan to fill H1b with them for next year, don’t fill and if someone like me is suffering because of them, pls email vipin.raturi@gmail.com and we will fill a legal action against them.


This is a fraud company and already case of cybercrime has been lodged in hyderabad against RAM who is doing the crime since years. share you contact no we have a whatsapp group for that matter.

any update on fraud? please inbox details. I will send my wtsapp number. I’m also H1B victim. fraud done by http://ripplekorp.com/- Vijay Anand for H1B fraud. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vijay-anand-a5a80716