I am in situation I have my 2nd time f1 student visa for five years from today. My h1b is got approved stage now I have to go for stamping. What you guys think would best for me. since i have issue @ work place

  1. Quit the job, get the application approval notice and go back to USA on f1 and file under CAP-exempt h1b again.

  2. What pro and cons I shell ready to face if in mid-way drop h1b process on approval stage

  3. what document i shell i ask from my employer so in future it will easy if on approvel bases i can fall under CAP-exempt

if i am missing out somthing please point me out.



Hello, I am in a similar situation:

I was working on H1 since Oct 2012 and lost my job in Nov 2012. I am back in India now as I did not want to stay in the US without any status. I took admission in a good university and received the I-20. I have already paid the SEVIS fee for the new I-20. My current F1 visa (from previous univ) is valid for 2 more yrs.

My question is: Can I re-enter the US on F1 without any problems , or will I need to go for F1 visa stamping again?

Please help. Thanks


this is only As per my research work and expi.
In many case i have read that many PPL reached US on old Visa with New I20 from same University, but as per thumb rule if we have not inform our uni for restatement then they inform USCIS and cancel our OLD SAVIS. therefore I went for restemping the visa and aviod any odd situation at port of entry. We have good chance for re-stemp if we are clear in thought and well explain our requirement for being student again to VO. since you have old visa still valid they might cancel old one and provide new stamp. Talk to your OLD Uni DSO - they might help you out as well.

Hi! I am also in the same situation. I got approval last December 2012 but my employer cancelled my work and H1B got revoked last January 30. I plan to go to Canada. Do you think I should do another consular processing or is my old visa stamp still valid and can be used for re-entry?

I assume that you was in USA when your h1b got approved and if you are in USA and your employer has revoked the h1b. you may still have 30 days to transfer your h1b with some new company. on the time of h1b approval your student visa was voided so you may want to consider again back to go to school. I may wrong so take advice of some reputed company who may like to transfer your h1b.

ok…i have taken a new F1 visa and got it stamped from the embassy in India. The previous F1 visa was not valid. You should also do the same, go for consular processing or apply for COS (but i don’t think you have time for COS)