H1B approved with extension instead of CoS

Hi Sujith/Team,

My H-1B petition was approved, however, there is an error on the notice regarding the manner of approval (the I-797 Approval Notice indicates an Extension of Status rather than a Change of Status).  My attorney had contacted USCIS to correct this error and issue an amended approval notice. 

My question are

1) is it going to be new case with new decision or it just amendment of approval notice?

2) My company had applied H1B for premium processing, how long it will take to send new decision?


  1. It will be an amendment to the approval notice.

    1. I think, amended approval notice would be issued within 2-3 of weeks. I had a similar experience (mistake in beneficiary’s name in I-797) and they sent out the amended approval notice within a month’s time.